Everyone Keeps Asking (Part 1)

why question in metal type

Well, because…why the hell not?!

Seriously though, I understand the curiosity. Why now? Why Whole30? The real answers take a bit of explaining, and I’ve broken them down for your reading pleasure. Starting with:

Why now?

So, I just turned…

*deep breath*….

*accept it’s OK to say it (type it?) out loud (on the internet?)*…


I know. You’re all rolling your eyes at me. And I’m being ridiculous. And overdramatic. To which I would normally reply, “you’ve met me right?” But this is the internet, so the odds are you haven’t actually met me. It’s taken me a while (yes…30 years…it’s out there now) to admit, but I can be a tad dramatic. At times. I think the best way to explain what I mean is to show you what happened at exactly 12:00AM on the day IT happened.

Video credit: The BFFAEAE

(She’s my bestie, so yes, that is a shameless plug for her Etsy Shop. She also put up with ^that for 30 years, so she deserves some business!)

Obviously I did not take the big THREE-OH well. Bless all the wonderful, amazing friends who put up with my hissy fit that night. You all deserve an award!

The recurring theme of my  breakdown that evening was that everyone had done something  except me. To be fair, in the sober light of day at the wise old age of…you know…I know that’s not true. I’ve experienced an awful lot in my life. However, I’ve always believed the saying “drunk words are sober thoughts”, which meant it was time to do some serious sober thinking.

I came to the realization that most of my friends were at a point in their lives where they were setting some big goal and then actually achieving it fairly quickly. My closest friends were buying homes, running marathons, having babies…and I was…re-watching Friends for the 100th time on Netflix. I mean, I LOVE Friends and one day I will be able to say I’ve watched the whole series over 100 times and actually mean it (#goals). But, that doesn’t really stand up against buying a beautiful new home or running a triathlon.

I also realized that all of these goals my friends were accomplishing were personal goals, not career goals. I’ve coordinated more than a few six-figure weddings. I’ve planned dating events for the #1 dating site on the internet (that might not be true now, but I don’t work there anymore so I can say what I want). Currently, I plan events that raise an awful lot of money to kick cancer in the butt. At all of these jobs, I’ve succeeded. I’ve reached the goals set for me and worked hard to surpass them. But really, those were not MY GOALS. Those were my employer’s goals. And while I do find a sense of accomplishment and purpose in fulfilling them, I am not personally fulfilled by achieving them.

So what’s a girl to? Search her soul. Find something that resonates. Set a goal. Achieve the goal. Sounds easy enough right, especially if “everyone else is doing it”?

Except…I am NOT having a baby. Not right now, anyway. I’m not buying a house. #Millennial #GreatRecession #StudentLoans. I’m definitely not running a marathon. I’ve never been a runner and I’m not starting now. I tried that last year and even promised myself I could run the marathon in Disney World with costumes and princesses and everything. It didn’t work. That failure was a clear demonstration of the importance of setting a goal that resonates.

So what does resonate? Food. My husband. Travel. Our dogs. Binge watching pretty much anything on Netflix. Being my own boss. Feeling better in my own skin. Finding new ways to connect with old friends. Sharing my talents. Beating a challenge.

And how do I bring that all together? Well…if there there was a way I could cook and eat a lot…with my husband…while incorporating worldwide flavors and cultures…and still spend lots of time with our dogs…while Netflix is on in the background (yes, Friends is on right now)…and potentially turn my cooking into a revenue stream (through a blog maybe?)…while improving the way I look and feel physically…and use my new experiences with food to build a community of friends both new and old…where I can share my talents…all while going above and beyond the normal expectation…

Enter Whole30. For a Whole Year.



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